Teaching Experience
Graduate Macroeconomics I   - Fall 2014, Fall 2015
    Teaching Assistant for Prof. Larry Christiano
Graduate Macroeconomics II  - Winter 2015, Winter 2016
   Teaching Assistant for Prof. Marty Eichenbaum and Prof. Guido Lorenzoni
Graduate Macroeconomics III - Spring 2015, Spring 2016
   Teaching Assistant for Prof. Luigi Bocola and Prof. Matthias Doepke

Teaching Evaluations
Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, 2014-2015
Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, 2015-2016
        Summary of all evaluations
 Wording of the statement: Mean Median
 The TA was able to answer the students questions adequately. 5.9/6 6/6
 The TA was well prepared for each session. 5.9/6  6/6
 The TA communicated ideas in a clear manner. 5.8/6 6/6
 The TA showed strong interest in teaching the course. 5.8/6 6/6