Gideon Bornstein

Assistant Professor

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

I am an Assistant Professor in the finance department of the Wharton School. Before joining Wharton I was a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University. I received my PhD in Economics from Northwestern University.

Research fields: Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics



Working Papers

Nonlinear Pricing and Misallocation, August 2022 (with Alessandra Peter)

Entry and Profits in an Aging Economy: The Role of Consumer Inertia, November 2021

Revise and Resubmit at Review of Economic Studies

The Impact of Social Insurance on Household Debt (with Sasha Indarte), November 2020


A World Equilibrium Model of the Oil Market, October 2021 (with Per Krusell and Sergio Rebelo)
Accepted at
Review of Economic Studies

A Continuous-Time Model of Sovereign Debt [replication codes]
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, September 2020

Quantitative Sovereign Default Models and the European Debt Crisis (with Luigi Bocola and Alessandro Dovis)
Journal of International Economics, May 2019

Moral Hazard Misconceptions: The Case of the Greenspan Put (with Guido Lorenzoni)
IMF Economic Review, June 2018

Work in Progress

Accounting for Heterogeneity (with David Berger, Luigi Bocola, and Alessandro Dovis)

Financial Frictions and Firm Exit: Theory and Facts (with Laura Castillo-Martinez)

Awarded NSF Grant (co-PI with Laura Castillo-Martinez)